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THE MFDA Business Conduct (BC) PACKAGE

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This package gives you 8 of the 10 BC credits you need in this cycle. The other 2 credits are provided directly from the MFDA; check their site for details.

MFDA Credits: 8 Business Conduct credits

This comprehensive credits package includes these courses:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Setting the Moral Compass
  • Why Ethics Matter

Details on these courses are provided below.

Retail price: $49.95
SeeWhy price: $39.96

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THE MFDA Business Conduct (BC) PACKAGE Course Details:

Anti-Money Laundering: 3 credits

  • Review how money laundering is accomplished, and how it is stopped;
  • Understand, in order to implement, the elements of a compliance program;
  • Gain an up-to-date understanding of know-your-client directives, reporting and record-keeping requirements.

Setting the Moral Compass: 2 credits

  • Set your moral compass in the direction of professional responsibility through knowing your client, ensuring suitability, fulfilling disclosure, and putting client interests first;
  • Meet regulator expectations as expressed in client-focussed reforms;
  • Explore short case studies that illustrate concepts and help understanding.

Why Ethics Matter: 3 credits

  • Understand the reasons ethics are essential personally and professionally;
  • Read case studies that illustrate ethical lapses;
  • Discover how to become a more ethical person and the steps to ethical decisions;
  • Develop a personal code of ethics to practice and live by.
Each course delivers its own Certificate. It is received when the course test is successfully completed and remains on file in your Account.

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